Advent Chemical is a privately held Canadian chemical company with plans to operate in South Asia through its wholly-owned South Asian subsidiary. Our plan is to become one of the major chlor-alkali producers in South Asia, and a leader in chlorine derivatives manufacturing in South Asia within the next five years. Advent Chemical strongly believes in a socially responsible business model, and in line with our business philosophy, we intend to utilize the best available technology in a socially responsible manner in our new chlor-alkali plant. We are initiating technology sharing discussions with leading chemical manufacturing companies in Canada, United States, Japan, Germany, and Sweden. Our financial partners have shown an overwhelming interest in our South Asian venture and are committed to the current management's growth and investment plans.

Once Advent Chemical’s chlor-alkali plant is commissioned, we will continue to make investments across our manufacturing operations to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of safety and environmental performance - demonstrating our commitment to the 'Responsible Care' philosophy. We intend to operate large integrated sites that will enable us to manufacture a large range of products to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

We aim to meet our customers' needs, day in and day out, with a high quality manufacturing and supply chain operation. This will ensure that the products our customers need, are delivered on time, in full, every time. Our low cost approach to manufacturing and the efficiency of our operations enable us to offer our customer base the benefit of highly competitive pricing.